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Meet Our 2020 Walk Chairpersons

Joe and Lora LoCocoLora and Joe LoCoco have returned to lead the 8th annual Soles for Catholic Education Walk because of their strong belief in the mission of the Catholic church and schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

"Catholicism has been, for us both, a constant; it has been there for us throughout each phase and through every ebb and flow of life,” Joe said.  “We feel our Catholic faith should inform and direct every aspect of our lives.  We try to foster an environment that encourages the same for our children.”

Lora and Joe are both products of Catholic education and made the decision to send their three children to Catholic schools because Catholic education consistently meets and exceeds other educational options available today.  “Simply from an educational standpoint, the Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are world-class.” Joe continued, “Just as importantly, Catholic education will allow our children to grow up not just learning about their faith but doing so surrounded by other children and families who all believe the same things we do.”

Lora agrees, “We want our children to grow up seeing with their own eyes that Catholicism is not something to which only their parents ascribe, but rather is something they share with so many other people.  We want them to learn in an environment where they can see for themselves that Catholicism is both normal and good and they are not all alone in that belief.”

“The Soles for Catholic Education Walk is a tremendous expression of why we send our children to Catholic schools.  It is a day where participants are surrounded by children and families of differing backgrounds who all believe in Catholic education.  It allows our children to see that we are not alone in our faith.”

Lora and Joe encourage all parishioners, administrators, pastors, board members, and parents to realize what the Soles for Catholic Education Walk is:  A turn-key fundraiser for their school, underwritten entirely by sponsor donations, exclusively for the benefit of parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Every dollar raised by a school is kept by that school!  All individual schools have to do is solicit pledges and join us on Saturday, October 17 to walk with us.

Lora and Joe LoCoco

2020 Soles for Catholic Education Walk Chairs

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